Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Morning Hours, Shadowplay and Some Meditation Conversation

Good Morning Starshine! 

There is something about the early hours of the morning that just does it for me.  When everyone else in my house is still asleep; when the countryside is silent and the sun is barely peeking over the horizon.  I do my best blogging in the morning, my best reading, my best photography, collaging, journaling... This is when I am at my most creative, my most powerful and my most grounded.  These are the crisp hours, the new hours.  These hours still have new car smell, new baby smell, fucking morning breath, I don't know. My phone isn't ringing, I'm not being asked to help with anything, to do anything, to be anywhere... These hours are mine. This is my time. 

**Time~out. I need to refill my coffee.  Einen moment bitte...**

I found a patch of sun on the wall in the kitchen.  It distracted me for a good ten minutes.  Inspiration struck and I went with it.  The important thing is that my coffee is now refilled and I am feeling quite peppy.  Let the blogging commence!!!

 When I started this blog, my vision was to go through the major arcana and blog about each card.  "The Fool's Journey"... yada, yada, yada.  Typical.  Welp, shit happens and in true Jonquil fashion, I changed my mind.  It's what I do.  It's kind of my thing.  Ask my brother.  My more recent blog posts have been pretty off the cuff and in the moment. This post is no different and I don't see this changing anytime in the foreseeable future.  I like it.  It seems more my style. 

What does this mean for you as a reader?  Basically, it means that things may get a little chaotic. (also my style, FYI.) I'll probably ramble.  I'll likely get off topic.  I'll, no doubt, produce blog posts that are just me riffing on topics that have made their presence known in my life somehow or that I just find fucking interesting and want to talk about.  It also means that I will be asking for interaction; feedback, ideas for future blog topics, your views, your beliefs, your concerns... Pretty much, I want to build a relationship with you, my droogs, my readers, my siblings in this crazy, kooky, world of cyber wondrousness and magick.  I want to talk with you.  To create content that you want to read and that you connect with.  I want you to leave my page feeling loved, heard, fulfilled and inspired.  BREATH JONQUIL!!!  And... Scene. *curtseys*

Moving on...

As most of you already know, I am working solely with the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot for the Spring season and I have been working my way back through Kim Huggens' Tarot 101 using this daintily sweet, feminine deck that I am absolutely in fucking love with. 

Side note:  I'm going to make a suggestion, if I may... If you are a tarot reader (novice, intermediate, expert... it makes absolutely no difference) and you want to really connect with your working deck or you are looking to further your knowledge of the tarot in general, purchase Tarot 101 by Kim Huggens immediately.  You will not regret it.  There are literally hundreds of journal prompts, ideas galore, insights, exercises, spreads... I could talk about the benefits of owning this book for DAYS.  Look, if you don't own it, buy it.  Here is a link to the book on Amazon.
Focus, Jonquil, focus...
Three card draw to give direction to this post: 

Three of Wands:  Perched atop a leafless tree, a trail of roses in her wake and a fox hot on her heels, this winged beauty sits in contemplation, head bowed and hands clasped.  The three of wands urges you to pause.  She reminds you to take a moment to reflect on what's happening, not only around you, but also within.  Be aware of any dangers that may be lurking in your vicinity, ground yourself and take your time in making necessary changes to your goals before resuming your journey. 

The High Priestess: A mountainous, selenite~esque figure stands in a snowy wonderland amongst a few scattered, boney trees.  Her crown floats; hovering, seemingly twirling above her head and her left hand is lain lightly over her heart; a gesture of compassion.  On her face, a serene look of knowing; of intuition, feminine power and confidence.  This card is representative of our own intuition.  Trust in it.  Be confident in it... I cannot remember where I heard this recently but I was listening to a podcast or a YouTube video that was talking about keeping an intuition journal as a sort of intuition building exercise.  The thought behind it was that you build confidence in your intuitive inklings by recording them in a journal and then following up regarding whether your intuition was right or wrong.  I would love to give credit where credit is due for that fantastic idea... if you know what it was I was listening to, please link it in the comments!        

Eight of Wands: Seated comfortably with both feet flat on the floor, the delicately winged figure in this card slowly lets her eyes slide closed and turns her attention inward.  In her hands are clutched multiple strings on the ends of which illuminated fireflies dance. This is a card of meditation and divine  communication.  Meditation, going within, consideration and contemplation is a crucial part of spirituality, regardless of which spiritual path, if any, you are currently resonating with.  I know I am not alone when I say I struggle with making meditation a part of my routine.  I'm consistently running late in the morning, I hold a job during the day, the evenings are filled with dinner, dishes, laundry, then there is family; my husband and the spawn, they demand attention every now and again... It's an age~old excuse.  I don't have time to meditate.  But I don't have time for excuses anymore.  The fact is, I do have time to meditate.  Having a spiritual practice means that you set aside time to practice being spiritual!  That's the fucking definition!  That's what it IS! 

My goal for this month is to practice practicing; to meditate daily, to spend less time talking about spirituality and more time practicing spirituality.  A worthy goal indeed  in my opinion and one I am determined to see through. 

Now, this witch needs tea... I hope you all have a fantastic week!  I would love to hear feedback; What would you like to see on the blog? What do you want to talk about?  Leave me a comment and let me know! 

I love you all equally and unabashedly...

Ta~ta for now!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Art Angels, The Hanged Man and Very, VERY Strange Days Indeed...

Good Morning Bunnies,

Happy Spring (or Fall, depending on which hemisphere you are in)!  Here in Nebraska, the rain is falling, there are buds on the trees and blooms on the bushes... Hopefully we've reached the end of the snow.  We shall see!

Yesterday, whilst browsing the aisles at my local Barnes and Noble Bookseller, Claire Boucher caught my eye on the cover of the Spring/Summer issue of AnOther Magazine.  For those who don't know, Claire Boucher, AKA Grimes, is a Canadian singer, songwriter of the fucking awesome variety.  Check it the fuck out. That's an order.  Moving on... A sucker for good collaging fodder, fashion mags and reading about my favorite artists, this absolute monster of a zine made it's way home with me along with the newest issue of Hi*Fructose.
 (Both fucking stellar magazines.  You should pick them up and have a gander if you haven't already.) 
A completely expected but nonetheless welcome thing occurred while flipping through Hi*Fructose... I found an artist that I am now completely enamored with!  Jenny Morgan is a New York based artist who's work is absolutely phenomenal, but here's the kicker... I am pretty sure she, in some way, shape or form, is inspired by Tarot!  I came across a picture of a painting she did called POV that immediately, and I believe purposefully, reminded me of card number XII of the major arcana, The Hanged Man. 
Voila!  BLoG ToPiC!!! 
Oftentimes, the poor Hanged Man is viewed as a negative card by both querents and readers.  There is something about the way he is positioned and his complete and utter upside~down~ish~ness that says, "Well shit, this can't be good."  But, fear not, lovelies!  Take a look at the hanged man... Yes, he is upside down, but look at it this way: Did you ever, as a child or even as an adult, hang your head off the side of your bed or the couch and look at your surroundings upside down?  If not, take a moment to try it,  I'll wait.
...  ...  ... 

Did you do it?  Good.  I'm going to guess that you noticed at least one thing that you had not noticed before, had forgotten about or hadn't even given a second thought... am I right?  Now imagine all of the weird shizzle that the Hanged Man must be seeing or noticing for the first time from his vantage point! 

When the Hanged Man shows up in a spread, I tend to look at him, not in a negative fashion, but as an opportunity for the querent to look at their situation from a new point of view.  Take whatever it is you are inquiring about and turn it upside down.  What does it look like now?  What is different about the situation from this angle?  Now turn yourself upside down and keep the situation upright.  See anything you didn't notice before?  Chances are the answer is yes.

There are infinite ways of looking at a situation and, while some readers view the Hanged Man as a hold up, a period of non~movement, or stagnation, I like to see it as necessary suspension in order to sort out all the different points of view and decide on the one that most resonates with you; the one that you want to adopt as your own for the time being.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time out in order to get your poop in a group. 


I don't remember for the life of me where I read this way of interpreting the Hanged Man, but it's worth mentioning... When the Hanged Man shows up for you, make sure you are watching your pocketbook.  From his position, it is inevitable that anything contained within the Hanged Man's pockets, unless prevented from doing so, will fall out. During times of necessary suspension, it can be quite easy to let your finances, budget or spending habits get out of control.  Self~love and pampering yourself is healthy in moderation. Be conscious of your finances and make sure you are not overspending on unnecessary, material goods or being too generous toward others. 

Take a look at the Nicoletta Ceccoli depiction of the Hanged Man (pictured left).  In this version, while remaining right~side~up, the figure in the card is gaining new perspectives by simply growing another head... what better way to view things from different angles than to have a whole new set of eyes from which to peer!  Certainly something to ponder and to keep in mind for future readings in which the Hanged Man makes an appearance.

Now... Go forth, grow heads and do headstands and shit! I hope this was helpful.

Have a fuckin' killer day!

Much love,



Saturday, March 19, 2016

Switching Things Up, Shadow Work and The Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot

Hello Honeys!!!

How I've missed you so...  A lot has been happening in my life the last few months that I have let my blog go by the wayside, and I am not okay with this!  I've made a commitment to be present in this venue so present I shall be.  Onward!

Last night I was really having a good ponder on the content of this blog post and I am really not feeling the Strength card, which is the next card on my list to blog about.  This could be for one of a few different reasons... 1. I already wrote a deliciously long drawn out blog post about the Strength card and when I was about to hit publish, my computer had a fucking aneurism and decided to delete my entire post. (My computer is lucky I didn't chuck it across the room.) 2. I am just not feeling the energy of that particular card right now and "I don't wanna." *crosses her arms across her chest and pouts* or 3. I'm bored with the format I've been following for this blog and want to switch it up.  Maybe it's a tiny bit of  all three of those reasons.  I don't know.  All I know is that I am not going to be blogging about the Strength card today.

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I have recently set up my Spring/Ostara altar and that in my posts about said altar, I mentioned that I will be working very closely with the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot for the next few months.  Whilst setting up my Spring altar, a lot of the items I chose to use reminded me a lot of the imagery used in this deck so I grabbed it and started flicking through.  The Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot was gifted to me by a very dear friend of mine and I have been anxiously awaiting the perfect time to really dig into its imagery and spirit.  When I first laid eyes on this deck, I found myself transported to a world not only of childhood whimsy, but terrors and shadows as well.  It reminds me of that feeling of magick you get in your gut as a child, when you are not sure whether you're going to be scolded or praised for doing whatever it is you have in your infinite child's mind to do but you are going to do it anyway because it calls to you.  Because you are young, and you are magickal and you crave the loss of your innocence.  Because you are wild.

Back to last night and my inner argument about whether to blog about Strength or something else... So I am going back and forth with myself and it comes to me!  Ask the cards, moron!  So I did and VoiLa!  Three cards that all come together to form an idea for a blog post about SHaDoW WoRK!!!  So there you have it folks.  I will be blogging today about shadow work.  Let's do it!

Three Cards to Contemplate
When Thinking About Delving into Shadow Work
The Five of Disks:  Shadow work is not a pity party.  It is not about feeling sorry for yourself, and sulking around and saying "poor me, look at what a crappy hand life has dealt me."  Shadow work is about acknowledging the parts of you that you deem unlovable or unacceptable, the complete shit pieces of your life that are unsightly and kept in the dark, and embracing them.  Shadow work is about balance.  It's about knowing when to go to outside sources (friends, family, counselors) for support and when to stay within and poke at something until it doesn't hurt anymore.  Regardless of whether you deem a part of yourself "bad" or "good" it is still just that... a part of YOU.  Welcoming all of the pieces of yourself, validating them and coming to terms with how they fit into who you are is extremely important, and the ultimate goal in doing shadow work the majority of the time.  As much as it may seem counterproductive to some people, shadow work, in actuality, is self love in disguise! 
XIII Death:  Shadow work is about being confrontational with yourself in order to achieve metamorphosis, transformation and change.  In order to grow spiritually, something, some part of your shadow, has to die only to be reborn into something that serves you.  Shadow work is about breaking yourself, tearing yourself apart and then putting yourself back together again in a way that changes you completely.  It is okay to be broken, you just can't stay broken.  You are it, babe.  You are the only one who can put yourself back together.  Take your time with your reconstruction, but also don't be afraid to try different ways of coming to grips with your shadow~self.  One of the most beautiful things about shadow work, in my opinion, is that it is NEVER complete.  One can never say "Welp, that was fun.  My shadow work is done."  Sorry sweetheart. Our shadows shift and change as we transform. Never stop ascending!
IX The Hermit:   As empaths, witches, heart~centered business owners, etc. we have a tendency to be present on other peoples behalf, but what of ourselves?  Make a conscious decision to show up for yourself and don't worry about what others may think.  I know this is easier said than done.  I have been struggling with this myself lately.  Many times, the people in our lives don't understand the nuts and bolts of why we shut ourselves in a room for hours on a Friday night, why we feel it's necessary to designate time to journal or do yoga or for our daily meditation practice.  The important thing isn't that they understand, but rather that they are understanding.  You may need to have a sit with your loved ones to explain to them that, while it may seem like you are not present for them as much as usual, you need some time to be present for yourself right now.  Anyone who really cares about you, your wellbeing and your spiritual journey will be all for you achieving your goals and will not be offended by you taking a bit of alone time. 

"I thought the most beautiful thing
in the world must be
~Sylvia Plath
The Bell Jar
It is becoming very clear to me that working with the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot this Spring along with journal prompts, videos and all around succulent shadow work content courtesy of Miss Kelly~Ann Maddox, will prove to be a much needed challenge.  This is long overdue...  Not only the bonding with one deck in particular, but also really getting down with myself. I have some poking, prodding, digging, grieving, TRaNSFoRMiNG to do.  I'm ready.
Until next time,

Monday, October 5, 2015

An Unplanned Hiatus, Getting The #&*$ Out of My Own Way and A Reason to Dance Courtesy of One of My Favorite Artists

Hello my succulent little crab cakes...

My, my it's been a minute!  I haven't forgotten about you.  Although my hiatus was unplanned, it was definitely jam packed with people and experiences that ended up being stellar medicine for my soul.  I hope to never stop learning, whether it be from mistakes or from whatever the opposite of a mistake is.  I am not really sure.  I just know that I am thankful for each and every twist in the plot because, without them, my life would be stagnant and infinitely boring.  By GAWD it's good to be back.

The Chariot... Dude's legit.  No joke, he is pretty much exactly who I needed to be with for the last several days.  Coincidence?  I think not. 


"When you tap into your inner guidance and balance it with self control, hard work, and perseverance, it's likely to manifest a triumphant outcome."  
~John Holland

During my time with him, the Chariot taught me quite a few different lessons.  The Chariot is all about drive, forward motion, determination, consistency and momentum.  This is an important life lesson in and of itself.  We have to use determination to manifest the results that we want... stay focused, get inspired and then DO IT, whatever it is.  Take the road less traveled and don't look back.  Easier said than done, trust me I know... Making a decision to carry something out, no matter how small of a step it is, and actually following through to the end is something that I consistently struggle with.

What the Chariot has taught me and what I have to keep telling myself is to GET OUT OF MY OWN FUCKING WAY AND LET SHIT HAPPEN!  Pardon the profanity but criminy!  If I could just remember that one simple thing, things just might be a little easier.  When you take yourself out of the picture, when you take ego out of the picture, it does nothing but open up the road ahead and allow things to happen, to grow, to come to fruition... and that is precisely what we want, right? 

"This is a time to be bold and commit to the hunting
of new life and a better relationship 
with the world, as well as the fulfillment of 
wholesome ambition."  
~The Wildwood Tarot 

The Lover's Tarot says that the Chariot represents "PROGRESS preceded by significant struggle."  This  really resonates with me, especially right now.  When we go through a hard time, a struggle, we don't just get through it, we move past it.  It's like lighting a fire under your own ass.  Yes, whatever your struggles or obstacles are in life...they suck... BUT you take control, you leave your misunderstandings behind (huge for me right now!!!) you put in the effort, and you come out on the other side a stronger, more seasoned soul than you were before.  You win.  Triumph.  Victory.  Time to party! 


 "In everyday life (the Chariot) means that one should let go of old ways of thinking and, with trust in the order of the Universe, accept the unavoidable with calmness by greeting success as well as failure with the same strength of soul." 
~Ananda Tarot 

I love that... "greeting success as well as failure with the same strength of soul."  That's powerful.  The Ananda Tarot is one of my favorite decks to work with because, not only is it rich in symbolism without being over the top, but the meaning behind the cards comes through to me so much more gracefully than any other deck I own.  In spending some quality time with the Chariot card from this particular deck and reading what the guidebook had to say there were a few things that stood out to me that I hadn't seen in my studies of other resources.  Depending on your situation, if the Chariot shows up in a reading, it could be pulling you out of your comfort zone.  GROAN... I know, I know... But it's true.  Forward motion doesn't mean comfortable motion.  Just because it is forward  motion doesn't mean it's going in the direction you think is ideal either... in fact, sometimes forward motion can seem downright backward.  I know it's happened to me that way many times.  Sometimes the only way forward is the way back.

Think about this one:  "New problems demand new solutions."  Maybe you run into something on your path that is completely brand new to you.  Happens all the time.  You've never had to deal with something of this nature or this caliber before.  You may need to take a step back, if for no other reason but to be able to see the problem or the obstacle more clearly.  You end up having to "leave the realm of security to make a big leap forward."  In the moment, I loath adapting but, once it has been done, I feel much better for having adapted to the situation and I feel triumphant for having been strong and not shying away from the situation, whatever it may have been.  I have followed the urge toward independence and seen it through... Pop the bubbly! 

"Holding on or moving on is a most difficult decision." 
~The Wormweird Tarot

In conclusion, my loves, the Chariot is a pretty rad dude with a TON of lessons for me.  I could go on all night, typing away, but, alas, I must sleep.  I hope you can take something from the Chariot and apply it to your own life as I have and will continue to do in mine. Love, light, blessings, rainbows, daisies and fucking lemonade to you all.  I love your faces right off of your skulls.  <3


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Down~Pour, A Cup of Stars and The Most Romantic Card in The Deck

Good Morning Lovers...

It is pouring rain this morning in Nebraska. I have been longing to take a walk in the cemetery in town as I haven't made it over there yet but it has just been too soggy the last few days. I had an ├╝ber romantic idea that I would be writing this post about card Number 6, the Lovers, whilst sitting in a graveyard sipping some delectable Tulsi Sweet Rose tea and reveling in the spirit filled ambiance...  Alas, it isn't to be. I will have to settle for medium roast coffee inside my camper with a steady ceiling drip mere feet from where I sit on the bed. At least I still get to use my constellation mug!

"As long as someone else exists, we are not alone."
~Ananda Tarot

Ah, love... The topic of a great majority of the readings I do for others. When will I find true love? Is there someone out there for me? Is this person my soul mate? I find that most times when doing a reading about love, the Lovers card is conveniently absent...No, it is when I am reading for someone who is happily married and is wondering about the next step to take in their business that the Lovers show up. Sometimes this causes alarm
in my clients... What? I'm not looking for love, my relationship is wonderful, my husband and I never argue and we are intimate daily... No problems there! A common misconception about the most "romantic " card in the deck... The Lovers is rarely about love at all.

About the Lovers card: 
"...conflict between different attractions and the necessity of choice which means responsibility."
~Aquarian Tarot

In my study of the Lovers, I found a common theme throughout all of my guide books and other resources. This card is about a choice that must be made in a relationship.  Remember though... Not all relationships are sexual or romantic in nature. This could mean a business relationship, a relationship with your pet, a family member, or something like, say, chocolate!!!

"Deep spiritual initiation, partnership or union is taking place at this time
or is manifesting for the future."
~Psychic Tarot Oracle 

A few other ways of interpreting this card in a reading are: 

1. Being open to inspiration or creativity. 
2. Generally a short term... 12~18 months. 
3. Love coming from within yourself.
4. Love of all nature. 
5. Harmony in a relationship, romantic or otherwise.
6. Needed balance in a relationship.

I have found that meditation is the way the divinatory meanings of the cards come through to me best. I suggest talking to your cards, spending some quality time with them individually as well as together and really bring your heart into finding the true meaning of each card for you. Everyone's interpretation, while they may have the same flavor, are meant to be very different. I even sleep with my deck! Find your interpretation, be open to the inspiration that the cards have to offer, and don't be afraid to bring your tarot study to heart level and let it fester there for a while. You will be amazed at what   comes out of those images if you just give them the chance.

 Please feel free to comment and let me know what interpretation comes through for you should you decide to spend some time with the Lovers this week... Also, don't forget to check out my YouTube channel ( ) and please like my page on Facebook!
( ) 

                                                 Much love, much light, many blessings ... 


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Vlog, The Women Who Act As My Hierophants, and A Call To Share!!

Greetings Fellow Spiritual Beings! 

Apologies for the late post... The hubs and I are making progress on the house, however he has been really sick with one of those pesky summer colds for the last few days and has been unable to help out much.  He is on the mend and should be up and running again very soon.  Also... I have been vlogging!  I have two videos up on YouTube so go check them out at:

Can you believe that this is my 7th post?!  It seems like just yesterday when I started this adventure through the Tarot... Okay, down to the business at hand!  Card number 5 of the Tarot; The Hierophant! 

To be honest with you, I was dreading studying this card.  It doesn't seem like much fun to study a guy that is known in the Marseilles Tarot as the Pope; A spiritual leader.  Meh.  But then I buckled down and started reading up on him and, wouldn't you know, I fell in love.  I don't know about you but the word Hierophant did not make an appearance in my vocabulary until I picked up my first Tarot deck.  Let's take a look at what this peculiar word actually means...

The word Hierophant comes from
the Greek hiero and phantos,
meaning "revealer of the sacred."

I have known the Hierophant as a teacher or spiritual leader, but this?  This puts a new spin on things for me.  The Hierophant is a spiritual mentor, someone who takes something that you are interested in but don't quite understand and makes it into something you can swallow.  I am fortunate enough to have many embodiments of the Hierophant in my life, thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Blogtalk Radio and the internet in general.  Here are a few I would like to spotlight:

Shout out to....

1. Joanna DeVoe: Girl, let me tell you... you were the very first witchy 
blog/vlog/radio show that really caught my attention and boy do you pack a punch! 
 I can't thank you enough for being there to take GIANT topics, be they witchy or mundane, 
and make them into bite sized morsels for me and your many other admirers to chew on!  
A big ol' MUCH LOVE to you Jo! 
2. Kelly Ann Maddox: I am 99% sure that Kelly Ann does not follow
my blog, however, I do need to give her an enormous shout out for all of the things she has taught me 
since finding her YouTube channel and blog, thanks to the aforementioned Jo DeVoe!  Kelly Ann, you are brilliant and your voice is just intoxicating...  Your "no nonsense" attitude, enticing topics and 
knowledge of many a witchy subject make your blog/vlog a highlight in my life.  
3. Tylluan Penry: I just recently found this gem, but I think so much of her and have 
learned so much from her already, that I think she has earned this third and final shout out.  Tylluan has a wealth of knowledge and gives it to you in short 5-7 minute videos which she films at her kitchen table.  
Thank you Tylluan... and I hope you continue to make your wonderfully witchy videos for us to enjoy!  Also... Hello to Noah! :)

The above mentioned "spiritual mentors" of mine along with a  few others really made an impact on me in the recent past.  When the Hierophant makes an appearance in a spread, remember those who have taught you a thing or two, gave your life some structure, made order of the chaos that can be spirituality when you are first starting out.  This fool isn't too far on her way yet... I am not above learning a lesson from Witches with more experience than I and many more witchy years under their belt.   I will make it my life's mission NEVER to stop learning, and to do that, I need to keep finding teachers and mentors to show me new things!  So PLEASE share... who are your witchy, spiritual mentors?  I would love it if you would comment and share with me who makes you think, makes your head spin, makes you go hmmmm... whether they know it or not!  

Love, light and blessings to you all my pretties...

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Blue Moon, The Emperor and The Sharing of Video Blogs

Hello My Darlings...

    "One becomes two, two becomes
 three, and out of the third comes the
               one as the fourth."
             ~Maria Prophetissa

 The last week went by so fast and was so jam packed full of witchy goodness that I really had to stretch to make time for my Tarot studies.  The blue moon was this past Friday and was the perfect excuse for a camping trip with my bestie.  It only rained for a few seconds, the night skies were clear, our fire was raging and the moonbathing was in full effect.  We had a magnificent, magickal time and woke up to a beautifully overcast and slightly less muggy Lammas!  I hope you all had as wonderous a weekend as I did!

         But, alas, the Emperor,
    in all his power and authority,
      is demanding a blog post...  

The Emperor is the father of Tarot.  His number, the number 4, is a number of stability, order and logic.  Where the Empress is compassion, the Emperor is authority.  Look at the way the Emperor is sitting.  On most cards his stature is overly relaxed.  His legs are crossed, or he is slouched in a reclined position.  This, to me, means that this guy has no care in the world.  He knows that his kingdom is protected.  As a matter of fact, he doesn't even need his shield; it is cast off to the side in many cases.  He has ruled with an iron fist for so long, and so consistantly that he no longer needs to concern himself with the safety of his people.  He has trained men to deal with that for him.  Now, he just gets to be the Emperor.  Lucky dude. 

 "I am in command of my own intentions
     and embrace my will in the world."
       ~ Around The Tarot in 78 Days

When I see the Emperor in a spread, I think of a father figure.  Someone who means business, brings order, rules the household... but who also can be laid back and fun loving when the time is right. 

The Emperor, Mars to the Empress' Venus, can also be a sign of power in times of war.  There are shots to be called and the Emperor is not afraid to call them.  When times get tough, he will be there for his people, lead them into battle, be a guiding light and be the one to calm them in times of chaos.  He is confident; in himself and his men.

Those of you who are interested, may I suggest that you meditate with this card?  Take the advice of Sallie Nichols.  Step into this card and interview the Emperor... He is quite the character.  I would love to hear what he has to say to you!

 One last thing before I go.  I am thinking of starting a video blog as well... I have seen quite a few of you all doing this and I love seeing your faces!!  Here are a couple of links to the videos I have been watching... Enjoy!